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The Mid-Tennessee Gem and Mineral Society has provided many scholarships to students in the Geology/Earth Sciences.  These scholarships have been provided for many years now.  We are proud to now start listing the recipients of the scholarships.  Below is a listing of the current scholarships and other educational contributions.  In 2002 we added several additional scholarships.

bullet Tennessee Technological University - Earth Sciences Program in Cookeville, TN
(A special thanks to Dr Leimer for all the assistance he provides to make these scholarships so successful)
bulletTennessee Technological University Scholarships
bullet1987 David Shepard Scholarship - Richard V. Wheeler
bullet1988 David Shepard Scholarship - Michael W. Huskey
bullet1989 David Shepard Scholarship - James T. Taylor, Jr
bullet1990 David Shepard Scholarship - Edward P. Eastburn
bullet1991 David Shepard Scholarship - Steven A. Hurd
bullet1992 David Shepard Scholarship - George M. Allen
bullet1993 David Shepard Scholarship - John V. Crowder, Jr
bullet1994 David Shepard Scholarship - Jan Carmella Swindell
bullet1995 David Shepard Scholarship - William J. Cedzich, II
bullet1996 David Shepard Scholarship - Scott M. Lucas
bullet1997 David Shepard Scholarship - John Christopher McMichael
bullet1998 David Shepard Scholarship - Henry Matthew Davis
bullet1999 David Shepard Scholarship - Gregory Allen Shofner
bullet2000 David Shepard Scholarship - Leslie E. Sanders
bullet2001 David Shepard Scholarship - Elaine O. Egan
bullet2001 David Shepard Scholarship - Gil Draper
bullet2002 David Shepard Scholarship - Matthew Ryan Osborne
bullet2002 LaVelle Smith Scholarship - Leslie E. Sanders
bullet2003 David Shepard Scholarship - Sara Beth Smith
bullet2003 LaVelle Smith Scholarship - Stephen George Schurger
bullet2004 David Shepard Scholarship - Joe Kington
bullet2004 LaVelle Smith Scholarship - Sara Beth Smith
bullet2005 David Shepard Scholarship - Jennifer Lynn Markham
bullet2005 LaVelle Smith Scholarship - Teresa Gilreath
bullet2006 David Shepard Scholarship - Brent Richey
bullet2006 LaVelle Smith Scholarship - Amy Herren
bulletMiddle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN
bullet2001 Wilbur White Scholarship - Steve Lehner
bullet2002 Wilbur White Scholarship - Diane Rogers
bullet2006 Will Smith Scholarship - Anna Rose Tegarden
bullet2006 Will Smith Scholarship - Patrick Carroll
bullet2007 Will Smith Scholarship - Anna Rose Tegarden
bullet2007 Will Smith Scholarship - Patrick Carroll
bullet2007 Bill Buckner Scholarship - Jessica Marie Beard
bulletMotlow State Community College in Tullahoma, TN
bullet2000 Owens Brothers Scholarship - Michelle R. Whaley
bullet2001 Owens Brothers Scholarship - Amanda Robison
bulletAustin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN
bulletAustin Peay Donor Recognition Item
bullet2000 Vernon Meerdink Scholarship - Mary Hernandez
bullet Winnifred Mayo Scholarship - Mayo Educational Foundation (Sponsoring Society)
bullet2006 Tennessee Technology University, Cookeville, TN - Amy Herren
bullet2007 Tennessee Technology University, Cookeville, TN - Amy Herren
bulletDonelson Senior Citizens Center
bulletTullahoma Senior Citizens Center

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